Exquisite Realities (0% organic)

ZEITGUISED is an award-winning multidisciplinary studio producing exquisite realities- at the intersection where digital art and design cross physical space. With its conceptual approach to formal poetry, ZEITGUISED has been influencing post-photography imaging since 2001, when Jamie Raap and Henrik Mauler founded the studio in Chicago with an urban design project on poetry through algorithms, manifested in VR and 3D printing. After growing in Stuttgart and London until 2009, the studio is now based in Berlin.

The ZEITGUISED universe spans digital animism, poetry of material and shape, hallucinatory narratives of inanimate objects, outlandish characters, artificial behaviour patterns, perpetual dynamic systems, physical matter and surfaces designed by algorithms, and synthetic prosthetics crafted for post-humans.

ZEITGUISED collaborates globally with galleries, collectors, museums and art embracing brands in exhibitions, installations, performances, events, design development, lectures, concept workshops and forward trend reflections.



studio at zeitguised dot com
+49 30 48625740
CET (Berlin)


Apart from interviews on Art and Design, ZEITGUISED work is being featured in most major Design Trend Publications over the past years.

LS:N Global 2019 - Meisterrat 2019 - Joja 2019 - LVL3 2018 - Strrr.tv 2018 - FranklinTill 2017 - Der Spiegel 2017 - PostMatter 2016 - WeHeart 2016 - Ignant 2016 - It’sNiceThat 2016 - Differenz Magazin 2015 - Der Spiegel 2014 - Huffington Post 2012 - Wired 2010 - Ventilate 2009



The studio’s work has been featured in an extensive number of art fairs and festivals dedicated to new media, such as Onedotzero, Dotmov, Nemo, ITFS and Resfest. It has received numerous awards including two consecutive nominations for Media Art Awards at the ZKM 
in Karlsruhe (2001 and 2002), a prize for Best German Music Video at the International Cinema Festival of Oberhausen (2005), Best Design Award at Resfest (2005). and award for Best Experimental Work
 at the Ottawa International Animation Festival (2009). In 2010, Zeitguised was shortlisted for the Experimental Section of the Vimeo Festival + Awards in New York. Further achievements include two Laus Awards (2014 and 2015), two Honorable Mentions at Ars Electronica (Linz, 2016 and 2017); Best Experimental and Best VFX awards at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival (2016), and a Bronze Award at the Ciclope Festival in Berlin (2016).